R. Scott Hall – Founder


Screeneye is an advanced digital production company established in September of 1999 (in Santa Monica California).  Founder R. Scott Hall has over 24 years of Film, Video, and New Media Production experience with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  An award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker, Hall has become an accomplished “go to guy” in the digital production arena.

IMDB Credits

             September 8th, 1999 – Hollywood California BUSINESS 2.0 ARTICLE:
“Be sure to remember these names: On2Movies, Pseudo.com, DEN, Filmsonsale, iz.com, and screeneye.com. They’re the original lineup of digital renegades in the film business revolution, a revolution that will rival music’s move to the Net in scope and consequence. And this revolution will be televised – online, that is.”  –John Gaffney Contributing editor to Business 2.0

R.S.Hall – Education/Training:
University of Kentucky
B.A. English: Film Theory and Criticism, 1990 – 1995
New York University
Certificate of Completion-Film Production (Summer Intensive Program) 1996 – 1996